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IACP 2017: Asistentes que forman parte de Axon

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IACP is just around the corner and we're excited to see you there. In addition to our booth experience, you'll have the opportunity to mingle with some of the brains that come together to make Axon solutions a reality. We'll be sending product evangelists, product managers, sales reps and engineers, and more to IACP, so you can make the most of your time at our booth. When you're not checking out our exhibit or mingling with fellow law enforcement officials, take time to meet some of our Axon employees:

Field Sales

Field Sales reps are at IACP to help make the most of your experience. They can introduce you to members of the team, from executive leadership to engineers, to discuss any priorities your agency has or to talk to Product Managers and Evangelists about a specific product question. Field Sales reps can discuss individual customer situations and help orchestrate a successful product rollout, so if that's been on your mind, let them know.

Questions to ask: How can I ensure a successful deployment? My agency needs a special contract or atypical requirements, can Axon help meet our needs? Who can I talk to about how X product works or when it's coming out?

Product Managers

Our Product Managers (PMs) have a comprehensive, multi-level grasp of their products. If you've been wondering about the functionality or history of a certain product, talk to a PM. This is also a great time to provide key feedback about Axon products - the good, the bad, the places for improvement. Though our PMs don't have law enforcement experience, they need to understand the challenges that police officers face every day in order to deliver a successful product, and always welcome customer stories and feedback.

Questions to ask: What direction is the product going in? What are some considerations that you take when you plan for future product development? Will you be adding X function to Y product?

Sales Engineers

Sales Engineers are full of technical know-how, and can help you through the more technical aspects of our products and processes. As they are familiar with many different agency pain points and can answer non-technical questions as well, Sales Engineers can help match specific requirements to solutions. They also help maintain customer satisfaction, which can mean ensuring a smooth transition into the sales process, connecting an agency with dedicated customer service professionals, and following up with agencies before, during, and after a deployment.

Questions to ask: What makes Axon solutions stand out? My department faces X kinds of issues — what solutions would help alleviate our burden?

Product Evangelists

Axon's Product Evangelists will be giving product demos at our booths while you wait in line for our booth experience. Product Evangelists are a treasure trove of information on Axon's products, history, and future. They have a full understanding of our product lineup, our connected network of solutions, and our vision, so feel free to chat with them about anything — they welcome any questions or comments!

Questions to ask: I have X Axon product - what other Axon solutions can I integrate into my policing? What future Axon products should I expect?

Whether you're a police chief or a park ranger, we'll be glad to see you at IACP. Let us know through social media if you're headed to Philly - get in touch on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and we'll keep you up-to-date via live posts at IACP.

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